Family HeirBlooms Questions and Answers; Thing you may want to know

How can I contact Family HeirBlooms?

Call: 585-314-6377

Or write us at:
54 Gale Terrace
Rochester, NY 14610

How long does it take to create an HeirBlooms print?
Our standard turnaround from the date payment is received (funds cleared) to shipping (delivery drop) is 10 working days. This can be shorter or a few days longer depending upon what holidays demand. Our Gift Certificates (with brochures) allow families to create their own print, and solve most time challenges.

How long should an HeirBloom print last?
We employ the latest digital printing technologies, which vary depending upon the image size ordered, Proper framing under glass and avoiding display in direct sunlight will extend the life of any color print. They are rated to last over 20 years.

What image resolution are HeirBloom prints based upon?
This varies with image size, however 11" x 14" prints are at 300 ppi (pixels per inch) which is sharper than most poster prints.

How much does an HeirBlooms print cost?
Original Print Pricing:
(Note: includes 8 blossoms, additional blossoms are $5.00 each.)

11"x14" @ $45.00
16"x20" @ $69.00
22"x28" @ $99.95

Duplicate Print Pricing:
(Note: this is after an original is purchased.)
8"x10" @ $15.00 each
11"x14" @ $20.00 each
16"x20" @ $40.00 each
22"x28" @ $50.00 each

What guarantees are offered?
Each HeirBloom original image will receive our best artistic judgement, and is custom designed to the customer's specifications. We offer to correct any errors made on our part, at no extra charge. It is VERY IMPORTANT that every order is proofread for errors in dates, name spelling, size and color before submitting it to us.

Is there a limit to the number of flowers that can be included in a single print?
Yes, although if there are more than 8 members, an extra charge of $5.00 per person will be added. There is a maximum of 18 flowers in one image.

What if a family or group changes and revisions are desired?
We understand that things change. We will make alterations at 30% off current published prices, for up to five years after purchase.

What about rush orders and faster deliveries?
Time is a critical factor in most gift giving Depending upon the time of year and dates involved, we may be able to accelerate production and/or delivery at additional cost. One way to speed up orders is to order online via electronic payment.

How do we handle different last names?
Please select only ONE name (or group title) for each original HeirBlooms print. Hyphenated names are not recommended for reasons of typography. Once this is done, each member can be identified with his or her own first and last name. If all of the members use the same last name, then last names for individuals are optional.

What are the options for days, months and years of birthdays?
We have designed our systems to accommodate many but not all possibilities for how birth dates are recorded. Obviously, we will need the month and flower CODE, for each member. If some people do not want their day of their birth, or the year of their birth recorded, they are optional. However, it does help us to know which member is a part of which generation as we are arranging the blooms in a bouquet.

Are framing and mat cutting offered for HeirBlooms prints?
Not at the present time. Due to the difficulty of shipping glass, stocking a wide inventory and increased labor and time involved, we cannot offer this service. We suggest that you either use a trusted local frame shop, or buy pre-assembled mat and frame combinations, that are now available from some larger vendors.

How am I able to make selections and a payment?
There are four ways to make selections and payments:

Online with a credit /debit card or PayPal account.

In the "create one" section, click on the "online" button to enter our automated ordering system. Then follow the prompting and fill in the areas as you are asked. Production cannot proceed until your payment has been verified.

By phone.
Place an order with Michele at 585-314-6377
NOTE: Michele will be happy to answer any questions and discuss your order with you. If not immediately available, please leave a message indicating that you would like to place an order by phone and the best time to take the order with you. We will dicuss your flower selections, so having them already made and written down will speed up and clarify orders taken verbally. For reference we suggest that you use this site, and write down your selections. Please consider: Original Print size and background color, the Family name, each member's name and birth month (days and years optional) and any duplicates desired.

Download, print and mail.
By clicking on the "open" button, you can download and print our order forms. This method will be somewhat slower, due to mailing times and check clearing.
or email.
Simply email your order form information by email text.

Color Brochure and Ordering Forms.
If you have one of our color brochures and a 2-sided order form, You have everything you need to make selections and mail us your order. These items will be included in every Gift Certificate we send out as well. We will gladly mail you our color brochure and ordering forms if you will email us your name, address and phone number by clicking here:

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